Sixteen years have passed since Promise Tide and Chrissy DuPries successfully forged the many factions of resistance forces into a cohesive unit, capable of facing – perhaps one day defeating – The Unbreathable, a force of evil attempting to control Earth’s societies through the ubiquitous, all-powerful NATech conglomerate.  Things have not gone well. 

Promise Tide

  The Terran/Martian Wars are over. Earth has been devastated by sixteen years of asteroid bombardment. Civilization on Mars is gone. Civilization on Earth is teetering on the brink. Three hundred and eighty-five million dead. Billions more emigrated to other planets.


For twenty years Earth has been exploring the stars using faster-than-light stardrives whereby a manmade black hole pulls the ship through space. Dangerous to themselves and everything in the vicinity, the twenty-four starships, led by the flagship Horizon, have opened up new worlds to colonize.

Shards: Book Four

Abigail Wyeth, her “tank” partner, Aaron Marks, and Sarah Grominski make up the deadliest tri-team in the Resistance. A sudden, rending scream from the depths of hell made even these seasoned veterans jerk and twirl toward this terrifying, unknown enemy. Aaron’s high-speed slug gun had the piercing screech of a banshee as he stood there—his…

Shards: Book Three

Abigail Wyeth has created Mike, the first “native” life to the puterverse, a living Unbound Trinary Code who has incalculable power in his realm. Abigail Wyeth was alone. Terribly, horribly alone. Her friends lay dead. Her new life was destroyed; nothing more than a smoldering crater in the Sahara. She herself lay on the desert…

Shards: Book Two

Now a private in the 3rd Regiment of the Resistance, Abigail Wyeth has become one of the most feared warriors. At the age of sixteen, Abigail Wyeth was thirty-three years old. Born in the twentieth century, she now lived in the twenty-seventh. Having died in 2026 at the age of thirty-one, her mind and soul…

Shards: Book One

A new—yet hauntingly understandable—future awaits John Wyeth when he suddenly finds himself 650 years into his future in the 27th Century. John Wyeth was a successful man. At nineteen, he graduated at the top of his class at a respected university. By the age of twenty-two, he had survived three brutal years of warfare, serving…