The Terran/Martian Wars are over. Earth has been devastated by sixteen years of asteroid bombardment. Civilization on Mars is gone. Civilization on Earth is teetering on the brink. Three hundred and eighty-five million dead. Billions more emigrated to other planets. Into this quickly degenerating situation steps a savior; NATech. Within five years they repair the ice caps and replenish the ozone layers. The Gulf Stream, destroyed by molten asteroids that plunged into the oceans is being restored. Salvation is at hand. But at what price? Deborah Mariner, the last survivor of the homo Marinas branch of humanity, knows the price is great. It has cost her race their existence and it will soon cost mankind their freedom. All that remains is the final step: NATech's formal takeover of the faltering world government. And yet all is not lost. With her partner and lifelong companion Chrissy DuPries, Deborah is catapulted into a series of attacks and schemes that may yet see the end of NATech's bid for utter power. But only if she and Chrissy can forge the factions of resistance and unite them against a common foe.