Hi, Guys!

Just got back from MystiCon, where I enjoyed myself immensely. Next up is RavenCon and then Balticon. We’re thinking about ConGregate down in North Carolina in July, but may wait until 2015 to hit that one. I want to have at least one new novel out before expanding my con schedule.

But in “getting stuff done” news, I am working on another short story and much more importantly, moving ahead with my current (for the past ten years) novel, Redeeming The Plumb. I’m also getting more writing done on two other novels, one in the Shards Universe, the other not so much. And I’m gathering information and material for the four novel epic, The Terran/Martian Wars.

I am GOING to make a better effort at keeping this site current. On top of that, I’m now posting daily to my Twitter account: @PeterPrellwitz, so go ahead and start following me. (And chastising me if I don’t post something Shards Universe related Monday through Friday.) When I hit 100 Follows, I’ll upgrade my phone and post every day.

As always, feel free to Friend my on facebook. (Peter Prellwitz). I don’t say a whole lot, but my tweets do post there.

Let’s hope I get better at this. All my fans deserve a lot more.